Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Budget Tuesday

I started this blog because I wanted a fun way for people to be able to share their fun projects and crafts. I'm always looking for new and fun things to try but sometimes my mind is just blank. I'm not the most creative or crafty person but I do have some ideas. And I new their were others out there with ideas as well. I hoped that by starting this blog I would be able to convince people to share their creativity. And so far it's been great.
Now I want to develope it into something eveb more great. I have several ideas on how I am going to spruce things but it may take me a while to get them all in place. I hope you all enjoy it when it's complete.

One new thing I'm going to start is "Budget Tuesday". I'm not sure yet if this will be weekly or bi-weekly but each post will be a fun and creative idea on how to decorate on a budget.

This week on Budget Tuesday: Lamp Facelifts

For an easy and inexpensive way to spice up your lamps try one of these:

1. Position paper, silk, or dimensional sticker flowers to the base of your lamp then add stems using adhesive gems.

2. Chain stich swirls in multiple colors on a plain white lampshade to give it some color. To do this, use a pencil to lightly draw your swirls on the shade. Then use an awl to carefully punch holes approximately 1/4" apart along the lines. Complete the chain stiches by hand sewing through the holes with embroidery floss.

3. Add zigzag ribbon. First determine the placement of your zigzags by measuring the circumference of the shade and dividing it by the number of desired motifs. Cut two ribbon lengths for each zigzag and wrap the ends around the shade edges, using hot glue to hold the ribbon in place.

4. Spice up a lampshade by first selecting an assortment of paper flowers of the same color scheme. Then poke a hole in the center and add a brad. Use hot glue to adhere the flowers to the shade.

5. Brighten a lampshade by gluing ribbon with a scalloped border around the rim of the shade.
I recently combined several of these ideas to make this lampshade for my girls' bedroom.

And as always, this blog is for anyone interested in posting their ideas. If you are not already an author on this blog and want to be just leave a comment with your email address. We'd love to have you!


Elle Bee said...

Love the title. Definitely a sidekick here! :o)

Meghan said...

I, too, am a sidekick!

Sally said...

Love the lamp, and the new title!

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