Sunday, November 23, 2008

Adventures in cake making

My little man turned 4 today so I decided to make him a Batman cake. This was my first attempt at real cake making and I probably took way to many pictures of the silly thing, but I was pretty proud of it.

I started with two not so attractive looking square cakes. (I only had two choices for the cake shape and I didn't think he would want a big heart.) But once I cut the rounded tops off of both they looked OK.

Then I put a layer of filling on top of the first cake. I even scooped out a little bit of the cake so I could have an extra thick layer.

Then of course I added the top cake and frosted the whole thing brown. The tricky part was doing the Batman symbol. I used food coloring and white frosting to get the yellow and grey. Did you know it's really hard to make black frosting? I'm not very artistic at all, so for me it turned out really good.

And this is what I will be eating for breakfast in the morning. YUM!

Also, this was actually the best tasting cake I have ever made thanks to my friend Joni. I can't give away all the secrets since they aren't mine to give, but I will tell you that the big thing is to add buttermilk instead of water to your mix. It was delicious.


Jenn Shideler said...

Sally, I LOVE your cake. The batman symbol turned out great!

Lisa said...

Sally, best cake decorating tip I ever received was when making black frosting start with chocolate frosting. It takes much less coloring! Fantastic job on the cake! You did great!

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